How do I view secure video content with the Hive Client and Firefox?

The Firefox browser may give a security exception on an HTTPS-based player webpage or the HTTPS-based version of the Hive Client Homepage or Self Test Page.

To correct this problem, you can manually import the Hive Certificate Authority into the Firefox Certificate Manager:

  • In Firefox, go to Settings -> Options -> Advanced -> Certificates.
  • Click View Certificates, then Import…
  • Browse to “C:\ProgramData\Hive Streaming”, select the hive-ca.crt
  • Re-try the secure webpage.


The reason for this is that browsers and/or operating systems tend to come with a pre-defined list of CA certificates used as trust anchors to check the certificates of servers they connect to. They're all customisable (except for EV certificates, for which the root certificates are hard-coded into the browser, although you can disable them).

Firefox uses its own list on all platforms.

Internet Explorer and Chrome use the operating system's certificate repository on Windows. The default is available via Microsoft's Root Certificate programme.

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