How do I view Hive for Skype reports?

This article explains the reporting system that Hive gathers data from and how to access it.

Hive for Skype Meeting Broadcast reports are available from the Skype Meeting Broadcast Organizer app at

Select a Meeting to see additional information, including a link to the Hive for Skype reports:

There are two levels of Hive for Skype reports: the Hive Real-Time Dashboard and Hive Insights.

Note: If you want the Skype Meeting Broadcast level for participant names and email (information we don't collect), you can find the instructions on Microsoft's official page.

Reports are navigated as follows:


Clicking on the link on the Skype Meeting Broadcast Meeting page will load the Hive Real-Time Dashboard in a new browser tab:


The Hive Real-Time Dashboard can show meeting statistics for a live meeting (delayed by ~90 seconds).  The Dashboard may also be used to browse statistics for past meetings.  From the Dashboard, you may reach the Hive Insights report webpage.

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