What information is captured for each viewer?

A number of metrics are collected and sent to the HIVE back-end for Hive Insights for Skype deployments:

• Ticket Requested, it contains: Identifier of the stream being played, Partner ID and Customer ID
• AMP player: Tech used and Error codes
• Player feedback: playing point, buffer size, buffering time, buffering occurrences, bitrate being played
• Player events (source set, playing, pause, stopped)
• Source Throughput
• Amount of data downloaded per bitrate
• Hive Plugin error codes and timing information

• Browser Agent (OS, Browser, versioning)
• Public IP
• Version of Hive plugin
• Version of AMP

NOTE: A full Hive Client is needed to capture all supported statistics and endpoint properties.  Browser-based viewing platforms – including iOS & Android may be limited in available properties.  Hive Insights customers may see limited properties and statistics even on supported platforms because their service plan does not include Hive Clients.

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