What is the Hive Event Quality report?

The Hive Event Quality report includes a wealth of information for network managers, webcast or streaming video teams and the business owners of the event.


With the Hive Event Quality report, event stakeholders may learn the distribution of viewers by:

  • Quality of Experience – a rating from Excellent to Very Poor based on the amount of buffering experienced by the viewer
  • Viewing time (grouped by minutes)
  • Video startup time (grouped by seconds)
  • Viewer’s operating system or platform

Additionally, report users may browse useful lists, including:

  • All company sites (locations) that participated in the event
  • Locations that may have experienced buffering or quality issues
  • A complete listing of viewers that participated in the event
  • A listing of viewers that may have experienced buffering or quality issues during the event

The Hive Event Quality report is fully interactive: Select a Quality of Experience in the bar graph, and a complete listing of matching viewers is provided at the base of the webpage.  You may also select viewers by viewing time, startup time, operating system or company location.  Clicking on a viewer’s hostname or Hive Peer ID will load the Hive Viewer Quality report.

Finally, you may search for individual viewers by their hostname or Hive Peer ID:

NOTE: A Hive Client must be installed on each viewer’s endpoint to obtain full statistics about the event. Some statistics may be limited for browser-based platforms – including iOS and Android.  Also, Hive Insights customers may see limited statistics even on supported platforms because their service plan does not include Hive Clients.

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