What if a viewer has trouble viewing video with the Hive Client?

If the majority of viewers do not experience any difficulty – but one or more viewers running the Hive Client report problems, the below four troubleshooting steps are recommended before contacting Hive support:

  1. Check if the HIVE client is working

On Windows, the user can open the Web interface from the link on the start menu, usually Start à Programs à Hive Streaming à Client Self Test Page

On OS X, the user can open /Applications/Hive/Client Self Test

The Client Self Test gives a quick overview if some part of the Hive clients is malfunctioning, a typical Hive client installation should look something like this.


If some of the critical tests are not OK, the user may use the Upload Logs function and the designated Hive Support contact at your company may file a support ticket (see below).

  1. Check if the HIVE client is installed

For Windows you can look for the HIVE client in the Control Panel à Programs and Features

On OS X, you need to check for the directory /Applications/Hive/

  1. How to restart the HIVE client

If the HIVE client is installed as described above, the easiest way to restart the client is to reboot the computer.

  1. How to Upload logs and file a support ticket

The HIVE client allows the end user to upload the HIVE Client logs. This is done via the local HIVE client’s web UI by clicking on the Upload Logs tab (see Check if the HIVE client is running above on how to open the web UI).

Remember to add an email address (to identify the viewer) and, if applicable, some notes. Press the upload button and copy the Debug Server link URL (similar to https://debug.hivestreaming.com/executions?Id=XXX) and add it to the support ticket email. Observe that by just uploading a log file will not create a support ticket; you are required to send an email to our help desk.

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