How do I view Hive for Office Video reports?

Hive for Office Video reports are available from your Office Video portal. NB - to be able to view Hive for Office Video reports, you have to be manager of the channel of the video asset in question.

  1. Go to your Office 365 Video portal:

  2. Select a Video Asset and click on Statistics to see additional information:

  3. Now, scroll to the bottom of the Statistics. If Hive for Microsoft Enterprise Video is activated, and you are the channel manager, you will see a link to Hive Reporting:


There are two levels of Hive for Office Video reports: the Hive Real-Time Dashboard and Hive Insights.

Reports are navigated as follows:


Clicking on the Report link in the Office 365 Video statistics section will load the Hive Real-Time Dashboard in a new browser tab:


The Hive Real-Time Dashboard can show network statistics for the asset (delayed by ~90 seconds).  The Dashboard may also be used to browse statistics for past meetings.  From the Dashboard, you may reach the Hive Insights report webpage.

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