How to Enable Hive with TalkPoint Convey or PGi iMeet Live

This article will walk you through the steps of creating a Hive enabled TalkingPoint Convey or PGi iMeet Live stream.


Hive Streaming must be enabled for your TalkPoint account, you may enable Hive Streaming for specific events - or simply copy an earlier event (for which Hive was previously enabled).

Setting Up the Stream

  1. From the Event Settings page, click on the sidebar link for Player and Branding:2017-06-01_11-52-29.png

  2. Choose these specific settings from the Player & Branding page:
    • For Stream Type: select HTML5
    • For Multicast Type: select Hive
    • Click Save and Continue2017-06-01_11-49-47.png

Verifying Stream Setup

  1. Click on the sidebar link for Event Summary:

  2. Look for the Event Details section on the lower-right:

    You will see a link for "Hive Information":

  3. Clicking on Hive Information, will display the Hive Setup:

Note: If you haven't already downloaded and deployed the Hive Client across your organization, you may use the links shown in this information box to obtain the correct Windows MSI package.

Note: You may also define the behavior you expect for viewers that do not have the Hive Client installed:

  • Checking the box for Fallback to Unicast will insure that everyone is able to watch the video.  NOTE: this will generate additional network traffic as those viewers without the Hive Client will receive their own unicast stream.
  • If you disable Fallback to Unicast, viewers without the Hive Client will be blocked from viewing the event.

Once your event begins, you can use the Hive Report link to load Hive real-time statistics:







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